Positively Uplifting Energy at Solterra

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…but, wait! It’s not Christmas yet! But you can’t help but notice the energy and good vibes at Solterra! We’ve had 14 sales in the last 60 days, and are happily maneuvering around moving trucks on almost a weekly basis as new homeowners get settled. Where did this wave of momentum come from one might ask. The answer is simple:

Tahoe Homes builds an excellent home and this location is very desirable.

When asked, new homeowners commonly refer to the price point as being a key factor, too, in their decision to buy in Solterra, with the current maximum price being in the mid-$230,000s. It’s easy to see the quality of finishes, livable floor plans and the long-term value built in to the neighborhood’s low maintenance concept.

It’s exciting to work here! We feel like we even haven’t hit our stride yet as we close in on the end of the year. Our contractors, installers and suppliers are the most dedicated and talented of any in the industry and are completely committed to delivering beautiful homes at Solterra. That in itself creates a positive synergy!

We currently have one model home that is move-in ready, with two more that are near completion. Additionally, there are almost 8 more model homes at various stages of construction and planned to begin releasing in the next 30 days. Roads, sidewalks and utilities are being placed in Phase 2 as well, with hopes of having more new homes move-in ready by March 2016.

We invite you to stop by Solterra soon and experience the energy of a truly remarkable neighborhood! For more information, please contact Will at 208.867.1622 c. or will@woodhousegroup.net