Pretty lights all aglow…

Paramount is certainly a pretty place to live all year round, but things sure get an extra dose of scenic around Christmas time. Paramount’s enthusiastic residents have combined efforts once again to make the neighborhood sparkle and shine, and their efforts pay off in some of the prettiest winter neighborhoods you can find in the Treasure Valley.

This is just one of the ways this premier neighborhood has won over so many families here. It doesn’t take long to see the charm for yourself! If you’ve ever dreamt of the kind of place where you can take a leisurely stroll around friendly tree-lined streets and chat with your neighbors, and then curl up with a cup of cocoa in front of a cozy fireplace at home, then you’ll want to seriously consider Tahoe Homes in Paramount. And you’ll want to consider them soon – there are only four homes left available in Phase 24, and the number of phases left is dwindling fast! Why not give your family the gift of a beautiful home in a dream-worthy neighborhood this year?

We’re positive you’ll love it here. Take a drive around on your light tour this year and see it for yourself!

And then give Kit a call to find out more about the homes we have still available. Plans to choose from range from the Avondale, a mostly-single-level 2,800 square foot beauty that’s been nearly impossible to find here, to the fan favorite Monaco and its 6 bedrooms + bonus spaces packed with function. You’d better hurry, though. New homes here don’t stick around for long.

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