Lamers Family
We had the privilege of living in a home, which you built four and a half years ago.

We had the privilege of living in a home, which you built four and a half years ago. It had started out as a rental for us and then we bought it in early 2002. We had exactly ZERO problems with your home while we lived there. Imagine our surprise when we realized Jake Centers was Tahoe Homes. 

We were so excited to build our new home with you. We soon realized that the process in building with Tahoe is very streamlined and efficient. We picked out countertops, flooring and tile for a 2400+ S.F. home in just over an hour. Now that is efficient shopping! 

Not only was the process organized and simple, the people we worked with were great too. This includes your staff at Tahoe and the reps at the showrooms; all of them easy and pleasant to work with. 

I think the one thing I should share with you is that no matter where we mentioned Tahoe’s name, whether at the showrooms, or in the grocery line or to our friends or employer…whomever… not one person had a bad thing to say about you or your business. 

You have made a name for yourself in this community for taking care of your customers meanwhile taking care of business in a reputable way. My father successfully built a construction company Northern Idaho on his reputation and word-of-mouth. I recognize that integrity and honesty in Tahoe and I am glad to say that we will continue to tell everyone that we know how fabulous you all are! (not that business is slow for you.) 

Thank you for the thoughtful basket of flowers; yet another example of how you understand your customer in this home buying/building process. We enjoyed every minute of our experience with Tahoe. 

Please share our kind words with your staff. I hope you enjoy the cookies. My new oven makes the best cookies, so if you don’t want to share them, you can keep them to yourself. 

Thank you for everything. If we build again in the Treasure Valley, I know who we will call. 


Lamers Family